Case Status

Using Technology To Make Things Easier For You

Let’s face it—we are living in the future. This is an age where most everyone has a smart phone, text messages have replaced the phone call as the preferred method of communication, and there is an app for everything—from seeing what the weather will be like tomorrow or when the pizza you just ordered is going to arrive.

Our office recognizes that for many clients, their disability case is THE MOST important thing going on in their lives. We also recognize that everyone’s circumstances are different. Some clients might feel stressed about having to call our office and speak to someone about their case every time something comes up. There are other clients who are in constant pain and may have to sleep during the day who don’t get the chance to call us during business hours. So why not offer our clients access to an app they can download that allows them to check the status of their disability case, message us with questions, or send and receive documents with the click of a button at any time, day or night?

As a client of our firm, you will have this option available to you through an app we use called Case Status. We have been using Case Status in our firm for nearly two years and have seen firsthand that our clients absolutely love the comfort of being able to quickly check their phone and see what is happening with their case at any time and also being able to conveniently reach us through the app with quick questions.

Of course, an app can never be a full replacement for the crucial 1-on-1 interaction a client needs with their attorney. There are many complicated issues in every case that are better discussed over a phone call. Because so many of our clients use Case Status to communicate with us about smaller issues or ask simple questions, we have more flexibility to really take our time on client phone calls about the big stuff. If you are a client and need to call us, rest assured you will not be rushed off the phone.

We keep our clients at the center of everything we do at the Clarkson Firm. The handy Case Status app is just another tool our office uses to help us stay connected to and be easily accessible for our clients so that we may give them the best service possible during a difficult time.